MacOS X Tips

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Useful Software

  • Perian
  • Plex
  • MobileMouse
  • BetterTouchTool
  • JollysFastVNC
  • RemoteBuddy

Useful Commands

Mac equivalent to locate (since it seems locatedb isn't periodically updated for OS X)


Windows UK Keyboard Mapping




Compiling mythtv

At the time of writing the current (14660) revision of mythtv does not build for Mac OS X. One working build is 14225. To build this:

NB. Ensure you don't have xmms or xmms-shlibs installed via fink/apt-get

Alternatively, to fix the latest version for an Intel Mac:

  • svn co mythtv
  • cd mythtv
  • Add "'--arch=pentium4'," to the mythtv args list around line 488 of
  • ./
  • You'll get an "ERROR: CPU specific ./configure options failed compile test" warning when osx-packager runs configure for mythtv, but this can be ignored

Setting the domain name

This only seems to work until the next DHCP refresh. Better to set this at the DHCP server so that it hands out the domain with a DHCP request.

sudo hostname -s

Backup with timemachine to Ubuntu

See: and for the Ubuntu specific stuff (just the apt-get, since the rest looks incorrect):

Installing from the command line

  • hdiutil attach file.dmg
  • cd /Volumes/mount/
  • sudo installer -pkg install.pkg -target "/"


  • The munin-node process doesn't run properly on Lion, so simply install the snmp plugins on the munin server and add the remote node to /etc/munin/munin.conf on the server

Disable creation of .AppleDouble and .DS_Store files

  • Run: defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true