Windows 10 Tips

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Monitor Switcher

Monitor Test Patterns

Setup MPC-BE

Rename Network

Installing WSL

Note: If you see Error 0x80370102, you may need to enable virtualization in your motherboard BIOS:

Running rsyncd automatically (DEPRECATED)

  • Set RSYNC_ENABLE=true in /etc/default/rsync
  • Create /etc/rsyncd.conf with the contents (for example):
     path = /mnt/c/Users
     comment = Users
     read only = true
  • WSL2 virtual machines run on a separate NATed network, so we need to forward the rsync port from the real LAN to the virtual machine:
 netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=873 listenaddress= connectport=873 connectaddress=
  • Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Firewall & network protection -> Advanced Settings -> Inbound Rules -> New Rule...
    • Select "Port"
    • Set "Specific local ports" to 873
    • Select "Allow the connection"
    • Select only "Private"
    • Set the "Name" to "rsync"

Running rsyncd automatically