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Once upon a time… There was an elephant called Elly. She was a great spy, and always won at hide and seek. By day, she was an expert baker, but at night she was a superhero spy. Elly’s best friend was Snappy the friendly crocodile. They liked playing hide and seek in the green woodland. One day, hidden in the forest and camouflaged among the trees they saw the flashing blue eyes of a brown wolf digging a big hole, explaining to a fierce tiger about his cunning plan to destroy the busy city where the friends lived. He was going to dig underground and put an explosive bomb under the city that very night when the moon was full.

Elly and Snappy went to tell the police, who had been searching for Wilhelm the Wolf for a long time because he had escaped from prison after trying to steal the mayor’s gold chain. The police put a warning on the news. Shem the shark and Frilly the fish saw the news report and called their friend Elly to see how they could help.

Elly came up with a plan to stop Wilhelm. By digging a tunnel from the beach to meet with Wilhelm’s tunnel, when the tide came in it would fill the hole and wash all the explosives away. The friends started to dig, working as a team to dig the tunnel. As the moon came up, they reached the explosives. Quickly they ran back to the beach, as the tide began to come in.

Meanwhile, Wilhelm went down his tunnel to light the fuse with Stripes the tiger standing guard. But just as the bomb was about to blow up the whole city, the tide came in and filled the friends’ tunnel, putting out the fuse and washing the explosives away. The wolf saw the water flooding in, and ran to the forest. Elly had told the police where the tunnel was, but Stripes was there and roared at the officers. With all the noise, Wilhelm snuck out and tried to escape by the swamp. But Snappy had good hearing and heard him getting away, so he caught him by the tail and brought him hanging upside down and howling to the police. Stripes was found hiding behind a tree, resting on a root. It was a long way past his bedtime!

Stripes and Wilhelm went straight to prison. Elly, Snappy, Shem and Frilly got medals for bravery from the chief of police. Then they all had a party with some of Elly’s delicious cakes to celebrate.