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Repeated requests to re-authenticate administrator password on JIRA

Atlassian process fails to start on boot

  • On boot, ubuntu starts processes using "service xxx start" (rather than "/etc/init.d/service start"). This difference means there is no SHELL defined, and users with their shell set to /bin/false cannot run processes using "su". In that case, change the and scripts in the application bin directory to:
    • Use "su -l user -s /bin/sh -c cmd" (rather than "su -l user -c cmd") to run the command as the chosen user

Alternatively, it may be possible simply to change "su -l" / "su -m" to "sudo -u"

Stash crashes immediately on startup

  • If shell for stash user (eg. atlstash) is set to /bin/false, ensure sudo (not "su") is used to switch user in and

Setting up JIRA standalone (old)