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Update restic

 restic self-update

Listing previous snapshots

 sudo -i
 . /etc/restic-init
 restic snapshots

Listing contents of the latest snapshot

 sudo -i
 . /etc/restic-init
 restic ls -l latest

Deleting old snapshots

Substitute `2021-12` with the month (or months) for which you want to keep a full history. Note: `2019-03-26` is the first-ever backup in this instance, so we want to keep that too.

 for snap in `restic snapshots -c | grep maine | sed -e 's!.* !!' | grep -v -- '-01$' | grep -v '2019-03-26' | grep -v '2021-12'`
   restic forget --path /var/backup/snapshot/latest --tag $snap --keep-last=-1

Pruning old history

Note: This will also trim the size of the /root/.cache/restic directory

 sudo -i
 . /etc/restic-init
 restic prune