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pfSense LAN name changing after reboot

If you find that (eg. on Windows 10) your PC thinks you're on a new network every time the router is rebooted, follow the instructions here:

DNS Records

Left field Type Right field
vaio a
alaska a
network a a
colorado a
router a
dougal a
broadcast a
wiki cname
jabber cname
www cname
svn cname
mythweb cname
pics cname
admin cname
music cname
irc cname
ftp cname
mail cname

OSI 7 Layer Model

# Layer Example(s) Postal service equivalent
7 Application HTTP, BitTorrent Message language, eg. English
6 Presentation SSL Encryption of message
5 Session NetBIOS, "Graceful close" for TCP"
4 Transport TCP Recipient name (eg. Fred Bloggs)
3 Network IP, ICMP Recipient address
2 Data Link Ethernet, 802.11 Envelope
1 Physical 100BASE-TX, 802.11g, ADSL Post van

For more details, see: