Speedtouch 780 Tips

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Useful CLI commands

user config name=Administrator password=mypass
Set password for user Administrator
env set var=SESSIONTIMEOUT value=900
Set telnet session timeout to 15 mins
wireless ifconfig state=disabled
Disable wireless
system locale dec_symbol=. group_symbol=,
Set correct numeric grouping and decimal point symbols for UK
service system ifadd name=PING_RESPONDER group=wan
Enable PINGs on WAN interface
service system ifdelete name=TELNET group=wan
service system ifdelete name=FTP group=wan
service system ifdelete name=HTTPs group=wan
Disable telnet, ftp and https on WAN interface
service system modify name=SNMP_AGENT state=enabled
snmp community add securityname=ROCommunity communityname=public
Enable SNMP
dns server config domain=mydomain.org
Configure domain name for LAN
eth bridge ifdetach intf=ethport4
eth bridge vlan ifdelete name=video_gr intf=ethport4
eth bridge ifattach intf=ethport4
Enable 4th ethernet port (middle step seemed unnecessary for me, but is recommended)
dns server host add name=router
Add DNS name router for Speedtouch device
dns server host add name=myhost addr=myip
Add DNS name myhost for device with IP address myip
ip config natloopback=enabled
Enable NAT loopback (to allow you to use the WAN IP address/hostname from inside the LAN)
dhcp server config state=disabled
Disable DHCP on LAN
dhcp server lease add clientid=macaddr pool=LAN_private addr=ip leasetime=0 macaddr=macaddr
Define a fixed IP for a given mac address via DHCP
Make setting persistent between reboots